Incorporated as a joint venture in year 2000 between environmental engineering companies in the Northern Ireland and business professionals in Hong Kong, EIL is the pioneer of multi-disciplinary environmental technology provider in Asia. With vast product range from microbial cleaning products to small wind turbines and thin-film photovoltaic panels, and technologies like biological odour control management system and anaerobic digestion for MSW and food waste, EIL is truly one of the best environmental technology suppliers for the public and private sectors in the region.

EIL take the role as a Specialist Supplier of environmentally-friendly products as well as a Project Integrator, Manager and Investor for large scale BOT and DBO projects. EIL hold licenses of the world’s most advanced, mature and proven environmental products and technologies from places with the most research, advancement and development in environmental protection such as the European Union and the USA. EIL is a reliable partner for environment improvement you can really count on.