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Biofixit Oil Clean

Oil spills on concrete, paved areas, garage forecourts and driveways create an unsightly stain on the surface. Since the oil doesn't mix with water it can't be simply washed away. The traditional solution to this problem is to use a blend of solvents and surfactants that are hazardous to use and which create problems in interceptors and drains because they are very difficult to degrade. Biofixit OiC provides an alternative to traditional approaches to the removal of these stains. It combines the benefits of biodegradable surfactants with the advantages of microbial technology at a neutral pH.

The primary cleaning action is conducted by a blend of biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents together with a natural citrus extract. The combined action of these components helps to emulsify and mobilise the oil so that it can be removed from the surface. When the oil is emulsified the bacteria can more readily degrade it. The bacterial strains in the product have been specially selected for their ability to efficiently degrade oil remaining on the surface and it continues this process as it passes down the drains and into oil interceptors or the main sewer.

Where to use

Garage forecourts 2. Filling stations 3.Fuel depots 4.Bus depots 5.Driveways Machine 5. Workshops Car parks


  1. Effectively breakdown oil stains
  2. Non-corrosion
  3. Safe on cleaning surface
  4. 100% Harmless to your hands

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