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Biofixit Ecotech Z

Biofixit Ecotech Z is a water-based emulsion of plant oil extracts. The product is effective against a wide variety of insects including spiders, mites and fleas. The product is odourless, completely biodegradable and totally safe for both humans and animals. This makes Ecotech Z the perfect insecticide for use in the home, including bedrooms, kitchens and other food preparation areas. Ecotech Z can also be used in organic farming where the use of chemical insecticides is not allowed. Ecotech Z is also the perfect choice for pest control in conventional farming including pigs, poultry and egg production. Ecotech Z is effective against fleas and can be used safely and effectively with household pets. Ecotech Z will provide effective and safe pest control in hotels, restaurants and shops.

Where to use

Food preparation areas
Rendering plants
Recycling and waste disposal facilities
Composting plants


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