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Biofixit Toilet Clean

Biofixit TC combines the benefits of biodegradable surfactant and microbial technologies. The product contains biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents that act to clean the surface and penetrate into deposits. The formulation contains a natural acid that helps to gradually dissolve uric acid and limescale. 

The microbial part of the product consists of stabilised bacteria that produce enzymes to degrade uric acid, urea and other organics in the toilet environment. This degradation process is very efficient and eliminates these organics as a food source for odour causing organisms so that smells are eliminated and not just masked. This degradation process continues as the water flows down the drains to the sewer ensuring that drains are kept clear. This natural process is exactly what occurs in a wastewater treatment plant so the product is entirely compatible with all forms of effluent treatment.

Where to use

  1. Urinals 2.Toilet tiles 3.Toilet floor 4.Should cancel smell


  1. Eliminate odour by degrading uric acid, urea and other organic matters
  2. Simple application by spray
  3. Effective on unreachable areas
  4. Instant result
  5. Natural and pH neutral
  6. 100% Harmless to your hands

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