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Biofixit Programmable Dosing Pump

Biofixit Programmable Dosing Pump that effectively prevents your kitchen drain pipe systems from the accumulation of the grease, oils, fats, associated unpleasant odour and potential pest infestation. The programmable control unit automatically and regularly introduces Biofixit Grease Clean into the wastewater pipe to degrade the three main constituents of domestic effluent - proteins, carbohydrates and fats that constantly maintain the pipe system of the kitchen and powerfully eliminate the bad odour.  

Biofixit Programmable Dosing Pump

  1. 32 programmable individual or every day dose times.
  2. Battery or mains operation.
  3. Highly visible blue back lit display.
  4. Compact IP55 Cast.
  5. Easy and simple installation and operation
  6. Import from UK and CE certified

Where to use

     Under sink


  1. Free flowing drains
  2. Eliminates bad odours
  3. Automatic control over optimum time regularity of dosing
  4. Reduces frequency of undersink emptying
  5. Low maintenance for kitchen staff
  6. Precision dosing reducing wastage
  7. Increases hygiene by eliminating flies
  8. Reduced drain maintenance
  9. Safe for people and the environment

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Biofixit Programmable Dosing Pump








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