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Biofixit Grease Clean Powder

Biofixit Grease Clean Powder is designed for the application in the grease traps treatment. It is a powder product that contains a wide range of micro-organisms that have been specially selected for their ability to efficiently degrade grease. They also are efficient in degrading other food waste materials. These bacteria produce a range of enzymes that degrade grease, starch, protein and plant fibres (cellulose). The formulation also contains a small quantity of free enzymes that start the process of degradation until the bacteria start to produce their own. The key to the degradation of grease and other compounds that are not water-soluble is the production of biosurfactants. This helps to emulsify the grease so that it can be degraded more efficiently. The bacteria in Biofixit GCP have been selected for their ability to produce biosurfactants. A small quantity of biodegradable surfactant is included to start the process until the bacteria produce biosurfactants to continue the degradation process.

Where to use

     Grease trap


  1. Eliminates bad odours
  2. Meet the water discharge standard set by EPD
  3. Reduces frequency of grease trap emptying
  4. Increases hygiene by eliminating flies
  5. Safe for people and the environment
  6. Planned maintenance costs

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