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Thermal Management for LED - CeramCool Heatsink

EIL CeramCool Ltd. solely offers the most advanced and proven technology – our CeramCool heatsink product by CeramTec (Germany). CeramCool heatsink is the ideal Heat-Sink for high-power LEDs and high power electronics. It offers a strong solution for thermally sensitive components and circuits because of its excellent thermal conductivity and stability characteristics.

CeramCool is made from proven ceramic materials such as Rubalit 708®, Rubalit 710®or Alunit®. These materials possess excellent electrical characteristics, good electromagnetic compatibility and have a thermal expansion coefficient of semiconductor materials. At the same time they are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. 

CeramCool might be exposed directly to the atmosphere economizing on additional insulation, cooling systems etc. The simplified construction (without glues, insulation layers, etc.) combined with a direct and permanent bond between the high-power LED and CeramCool create ideal operating conditions for the entire assembly. Controlled conduction of heat does not only mean increased lifetime but equally stabilizes the LED’s color. Getting rid of the heat offers another important advantage: A high luminous flux.


      • Light bulb
      • Light tube 
      • Street lighting
      • Spot Light
      • Headlight of vehicles


      • Simplified system  
      • Electric isolation 
      • No corrosion
      • Thermal management 
      • Miniaturization
      • Long-term stability 
      • Direct coating possible
      • Weight Reduction