About us

Environmental International Limited (EIL) was founded in Hong Kong in 2001 and it is the pioneer of multi-disciplinary environmental technology provider and biological product supplier for the public and private sectors in Asia.

EIL would also take on roles as specialist supplier of environmentally-friendly technology products as well as Project integrator, manager and investor for large scale environmental projects.

EIL holds licenses of the world’s most advanced, mature and proven environmental products and technologies from places with the most research, advancement and development in environmental protection such as Europe and the USA.

EIL is the best and most reliable partner for environment improvement you can really count on!

Our Team

Mr. Thomas Yeung


Mr. Thomas Yeung joined Environmental International Limited (EIL) as Director in 2001. Mr. Yeung obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (majored in Manufacturing & Operations Management) from the Tepper School of Business of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. Mr. Yeung has extensive experience in project development of organic waste treatment plants and application of microbial technology for pollution control and odour management. Mr. Yeung represents EIL in the Business Environment Council (BEC) where EIL holds a Corporate Membership. Mr. Yeung is a member of the steering committee of the Waste Management Advisory Group of the BEC and a member of the Industry & Technology Committee and the China Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. David Cameron

Vice Chairman

A fully qualified engineer and geologist, has over 20 years’ experience in geotechnical and marine investigator, geophysical investigation, contaminated land analysis, water well drilling , materials testing and foundation installation. He has completed many projects successfully worldwide which vary in size from foundation studies for isolated buildings and small scale desk studies to large scale investigation for highways, bridges, sewerage schemes landfill sites and contaminated ground.

Mr. K. K. Yeung, BBS, JP


Mr. K. K. Yeung, BBS, JP is the Principal and Chairman of K.K. Yeung Management Consultants Limited and is a fellow of several world renowned accountancy bodies with over 20 years of experience in management consultancy in both public and private sectors, Mr. Yeung has a first-rate understanding of international business. This has given Mr. Yeung keen reasoning skills with strategy integral to good business opportunity.