Biofixit 5500HC (Refineries)

What is Biofixit 5500HC?

Biofixit 5500HC consists of a carefully selected blend of natural micro-organisms that have been specially adapted to efficiently degrade hydrocarbons. These include aliphatics, aromatics and polar compounds. The strains chosen for the formulation can produce the complete range of enzymes required to effectively degrade complex chemicals found in refinery effluents. These strains have the ability to grow at a fast rate so that they can quickly establish dominance in the biomass and restore performance.

The product contains a number of strains that have the ability to produce good floc structure. This assists in the production of a biomass that will settle well and produce a well clarified final effluent. Since the bulk of the hydrocarbons in the wastewater have limited or no solubility in water the key to their degradation is the production of biosurfactants. These biosurfactants help to solubilise the hydrocarbons so that they can be efficiently degraded by the micro-organisms. The strains in Biofixit 5500HC are very effective producers of biosurfactants. This is a key benefit from the use of the product since the degradation rate is controlled by how quickly the hydrocarbons can be solubilised.

The strains in the product have been isolated from the natural environment so they work in harmony with the existing biomass and increase its overall efficiency so that plant performance is restored as quickly as possible.

The types of systems in which Biofixit 5500HC can be used include: -

·  Activated sludge

·  Sequencing batch reactors

·  Pure oxygen systems

·  Aerated lagoons

·  Biotowers

The microbial strains are produced as single pure cultures, harvested, stabilised on a cereal base and blended together to produce the final product. Extensive checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure purity and quality of the product.