Biofixit 5600SS (Surfactants)

What is Biofixit 5600SS?

Biofixit 5600SS consists of a carefully selected blend of natural micro-organisms that have the ability to degrade all the main classes of compounds in surfactants. The various types of surfactants are anionic, cationic, non-ionic and amphoteric. The product contains a broad range of different microbes that can produce the enzymes required to completely degrade these diverse compounds. Once the degradation process has started the ability of the surfactant molecules to produce foam is quickly eliminated and the microbes continue the process until the compound is completely degraded. The product formulation also contains microbial strains which have the special ability to produce good floc which will settle well in the secondary clarifier and produce a clarified effluent low in suspended solids.

The microbial strains are produced as single pure cultures, harvested, stabilised on a cereal base and blended together to produce the final product. Extensive checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure purity and quality of the product.

Biofixit 5600SS can be used to deal with environmental problems caused by soaps, detergents and many foam related issues.