Biofixit 5700SO (for Odours - Sulphides)

Biofixit 5700S0 is a biological product that has capabilities of oxidising H2S and other reduced sulphur compounds to produce non-harmful, non-corrosive, odourless end products.


Typical situations in which the use of Biofixit 5700SO is beneficial include:


  • Treatment of odours associated with primary and secondary sludges
  • Removal of H2S associated with storage of wastewater for long periods of time
  • Removal of toxicity in wastewaters associated with nitrification
  • Seeding or reseeding of biological gas scrubbers / biofilters
  • Prevention of build-up and accumulation of H2S gas in enclosed spaces.


What is Biofixit 5700SO?


Biofixit 5700S0 is a biological product specially formulated to provide chemolithotrophic microbial strains that effectively oxidise H2S and other reduced sulphur compounds to ultimately produce sulphate.


The microbial species in Biofixit 5700SO grow slowly so it is important to add sufficient numbers so that an effective population is generated as fast as possible. Regular maintenance dosing will sustain biomass and performance.


The types of systems in which Biofixit 5700SO can be used include:


  • Biological gas scrubber / Biofilter
  • Pump sump
  • Sewerage pipe network
  • Storage lagoon
  • Anoxic tank
  • Primary sedimentation tank
  • Picket fence thickener
  • Thickened sludge storage tank
  • Sludge press / Belt press


Biofixit 5700SO can be used with other Biofixit 5000 series products to address additional problems in a system.