Biofixit 5900PH (for Phenols / Aromatic chemicals)

What is Biofixit 5900PH?

Biofixit 5900PH is composed of a carefully selected blend of natural micro-organisms that have the ability to efficiently degrade a wide range of simple aromatic chemicals. These include phenols, cresols, aromatic amines, BTEX, nitrobenzene, mercaptans, etc. The use of a wide range of strains ensures that the range of aromatic chemicals found in many chemical effluents can be effectively degraded. The strains chosen for the formulation can produce the complete range of enzymes required to degrade simple aromatic chemicals using a process of aromatic ring fission. These strains grow at a fast rate so that they can quickly establish dominance in the biomass, which is the heart of the wastewater treatment system.

The product contains strains that have the ability to produce good floc structure. This helps to produce a biomass that will settle well and produce a clear final effluent. Since many aromatic chemicals can prove to be toxic to the micro-organisms that are responsible for nitrification it is important to efficiently degrade these compounds so that toxicity to nitrifiers is reduced. The cultures in Biofixit 5900PH can provide this function. This is a key benefit from the use of the product since nitrification can be slow to restore once it is lost. The strains in the product have been isolated from the natural environment so they work in harmony with the existing biomass and increase its overall efficiency so that plant performance is restored as quickly as possible.