Pond & Fish Farming Water Treatment

The phenomenon of Algal bloom and sludge accumulation cause a major effect on the aquatic ecosystem.
The problems include:
(1)water quality be poor,
(2)removed the aquatic species,
(3)bad smell caused by decaying algae,
(4)enhanced turbidity.
The environmental biotechnology was used in our Biofixit products to solve the related problems by degrading organic material and utilising nutrients in a highly efficient way.

Water Treatment for Fish Farming

Biofixit Aqua Clean

EIL harnesses the power of environmental biotechnology to solve the problem by maintaining water quality in an exceptionally efficient manner. EIL AC uses only harmless, natural micro-organisms to deal with the problem by degrading organic matter to CO2 and H2O and removing toxic inorganic material especially ammonia and nitrite in a highly effective and environmentally acceptable way.

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