Cleaning Products for Property Management

Biofixit cleaning products are considered "GREEN" cleaning products because of their natural cleaning power and biodegradable properties. They clean by "degrading" or "breaking down" specific pollutants hence the pollutants are eliminated. The problems with chemical products are they are non-biodegradable and the pollutants are simply washing away and moving to another place.

Odour Control

Biofixit Toilet Clean

Biofixit TC combines the benefits of biodegradable surfactant and microbial technologies. The product contains biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents that act to clean the surface and penetrate into deposits. The formulation contains a natural acid that helps to gradually dissolve uric acid and limescale. 

The microbial part of the product consists of stabilised bacteria that produce enzymes to degrade uric acid, urea and other organics in the toilet environment. This degradation process is very efficient and eliminates these organics as a food source for odour causing organisms so that smells are eliminated and not just masked. This degradation process continues as the water flows down the drains to the sewer ensuring that drains are kept clear. This natural process is exactly what occurs in a wastewater treatment plant so the product is entirely compatible with all forms of effluent treatment.

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Biofixit Odour Clean

Many organic materials give rise to obnoxious smells as they decay or are oxidised by natural processes. The traditional approach has been to use scents or masking agents to overcome these smells. Biofixit OC harnesses the power of environmental biotechnology to offer a solution to the problem of bad odours. 

Biofixit OC contains a blend of stabilised bacterial cultures which have been selected for their ability to efficiently degrade organic matter. These micro-organisms produce a complete range of enzymes that effectively breakdown the offensive odour causing organic material. This natural process ensures that the waste is degraded in a manner that doesn’t give rise to smells. The formulation also contains biodegradable surfactants which help to ensure that the bacteria are well dispersed. The surfactants also help to emulsify grease-based materials so that they can be easily degraded biologically.

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