Bio-chemical dosing to Food Outlets and Grease Traps at Taikoo Place

Taikoo Place

EIL has awarded the contract for the supply of grease traps treatment products and services of chemical dosing to undersinks at Taikoo Place

Project Description

EIL advise the dosing programme for the management of grease traps to reduce the odour problems and to control the chemical parameters, O&G, COD & BOC to meet the discharge standard of HKEPD. We also provide services for the supply of labour, agents and devices of dosing to drain points, surface channel & under-sinks for shops.

Project achievement

  • To reduce O&G, BOD & COD in the treated water to meet the discharge standard of HKEPD;
  • Odour removal;
  • Reduce mosquito & insects inside grease traps;
  • Miscible in water;
  • Non-flammable;
  • Environmental-friendly and harmless to humans, animals and plants;
  • Free clogged drains without harm to the plumbing system.

Product certification:

Our products, GCP, GC and Bioblocks are proved by our clients that it is effective to control O&G, COD & BOD in discharged wastewater to meet the requirement set by HKEPD.