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Environmental International

Supply and Installation of Biofixit Odour Management System in Hong Kong

Domain Mall

Biofixit odour management system (OMS) was applied with our odour control product - Biofixit Odour Clean at a refuse collection site in Hong Kong. 

Project Description

EIL has developed an automatic dosing system to dispense its Biofixit Odour Clean product automatically in the form of a fine mist around areas like refuse collection centers to remove bad odours.

The working principle of Biofixit OC is to degrade the organic matters in refuse and to control the source of odour by preventing the formation of Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia.

Project achievement

  • Efficient in odour removal;
  • Miscible in water;
  • Non-flammable;
  • Environmentally-friendly and harmless to humans, animals and plants;
  • Free clogged drains without harm to the plumbing system.