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Environmental International

Supply of Biofixit Bioblock and Biofixit Bioblock Small to LBS Group

LBS Group

EIL supplies LBS Group with biological grease trap management products:

  1. Biofixit Bioblock (2 lb)
  2. Biofixit Bioblock Small (22 g)  

Project Description

In order to commensurate with the EPD Effluent Discharged Standard, EIL’s grease trap treatment products could degrade Oil and Grease (O&G) and lower chemical parameters (COD & BOC) of the effluent to EPD’s acceptable level effectively.

Project achievement

  • Odour Control
  • Pests Control
  • To Commensurate with the EPD Effluent Discharged Standard
  • Reduced Grease Trap Emptying
  • Improved Hygiene