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Environmental International

Supply of Microbial Odour Arresting Agents (MOAA) to contain the foul odour problem at aqua privies (APs) for Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

EIL has awarded the contract of supply of Microbial Odour Arresting Agents (MOAA) for application in septic tanks in some rural areas for odour control.

Project Description

Our Biofixit Septa Clean Liquid (SCL) is applied into the septic tank of the Aps through the squatting hole of the toilet compartments into the aqua privy. The objectives are to achieve odour free toilet environment and organic degradation to reduce the frequency of pumping. The application is simple and requires no additional accessories other than measuring apparatus.

Project achievement

  • Stable under normal storage condition;
  • Contain no aromatic constituents for masking foul odour;
  • Non-toxic, environmental safe, bio-degradable and would not cause any adverse impact on the environment.
  • The application must not impair the functioning of the septic tank of the Aps and cause damage to the structure or parts of the septic tank.

Product Certification 

Testing proved by the Hong Kong laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HKOLAS) to show that SCL

  • contains microbes effective in inhibiting the growth of or in eliminating anaerobic microbes which in turn cannot decompose the effluents into noxious gas such as Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide;
  • contains microbial cultures which should be effective in degrading organic matters;
  • should be effective not less than one week for SCL in liquid form.
  • should be non-inflammable, soluble in water and causing no blockage to the septic tank