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Environmental International

Supply the Biofixit 5400GC and Biofixit 5700SO in Fujian Province. China

Fujian Province, China

EIL has awarded the contract for the supply the Biofixit 5400GC and Biofixit 5700SO to a tannery factory in Fujian Province, China.

Project Description

EIL advise the dosing programme for chemical and pharmaceutical industries to eliminate odour problems and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment by removal of complex compounds (such as Sulphides and sludge) in effluents.

Project achievement

Project achievement:

  • Odour removal;
  • Environmental-friendly and harmless to humans, animals and plants;
  • Achieved the effluent standard
  • Improved the efficiency of wastewater treatment
  • Reduced the toxicity of effluent

Product certification:

BFL 5400GC is composed of a carefully selected blend of natural micro-organisms that have the ability to efficiently degrade a wide range of organic chemicals.

BFL 5700S0 is a biological product that has capabilities of oxidizing H2S and other reduced sulphur compounds to produce non-harmful, non-corrosive, odorless end products.