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Kitchen Grease Trap & Drainage Treatment Products

EIl has developed a wide range of environmental-friendly produce for cleaning of Grease Trap & Drainage:
(1) Biofixit Grease Clean ,
(2) Small - Biofixit Bioblock (22g)
(3) Biofixit Bioblock (2lb),
(4) Biofixit Grease Clean Powder,
(5) Biofixit Programmable Dosing Pump.
We'd like to take this opportunity to express the functions and advantages:
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Cleaning Products for Property Management

Biofixit cleaning products are considered "GREEN" cleaning products because of their natural cleaning power and biodegradable properties. They clean by "degrading" or "breaking down" specific pollutants hence the pollutants are eliminated. The problems with chemical products are they are non-biodegradable and the pollutants are simply washing away and moving to another place.

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Odour Control for Organic Waste

EIL has developed an automated dosing system called Biofixit Odour Management System which can effectively breakdown and degrade the sources of odour biologically, naturally and safely. The system works with our own biological odour-eliminating agent called Biofixit Odour Clean which is specifically developed to treat odour caused by organic waste in refuse collection points, stations and chute. 

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Biological Wastewater Treatment

Most large-scale wastewater treatment with a large portion of organic pollutants are treated biologically. In many cases, natural occuring microbes can be cultivated and utilized within the system. However, achieving a stable and constant discharge parameter is never an easy task! An effective way of maintaining a stable output is by adding pollutant-specific microbial products regularly to keep the treatment system at a sound and healthy state. We have a wide range of pollutant-specific wastewater treatment products to cater to many different industrial wastewater treatment systems.

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Yachts Cleaning Products

EIL has developed a wide range of Yachts Cleaning Products to tackle dirt inside and thus to keep your Yachts in the very best conditions. The environmental biotechnology was used in our Biofixit products to eliminate the odour from the grease trap, toilet and septic tank and the related obstruction problems which caused by the accumulation of grease, oil, fat, human excreta, urine and other organic matter. 

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Pond & Fish Farming Water Treatment

The phenomenon of Algal bloom and sludge accumulation cause a major effect on the aquatic ecosystem.
The problems include:
(1)water quality be poor,
(2)removed the aquatic species,
(3)bad smell caused by decaying algae,
(4)enhanced turbidity.
The environmental biotechnology was used in our Biofixit products to solve the related problems by degrading organic material and utilising nutrients in a highly efficient way.
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